Other marketing services

  • Exclusive, personalized gifts from 1 pcs.

According to an individual order, we can create a personalized gift, wrap it and deliver it to the recipient. We will take care of everything – from the idea to the delivery.

Išskirtinės, personalizuotos dovanos nuo 1 vnt.2
  • Layout services

We offer corporate identity, logo design services, flyers, leaflets, catalogs, business layouts, packaging design, etc.

Maketavimo paslaugos
  • Engraving, pad printing, screen printing, sublimation and other printing

We print on various plastic, metal, wood, ceramic, glass surfaces. We can print monochrome and multicolored notes by screen printing on textiles, as well as on notebooks, work calendars, folders, etc.

Graviravimas, tampografija, šilkografija, sublimacija ir kiti spaudos darbai
  • Offset and digital printing

We print notebooks, folders, letterheads, bags, leaflets, sticky notes, calendars, etc.

Ofseto ir skaitmenos spauda
  • Production of flags, roll ups, awnings and various stickers

We print flags, roll up stands, other products for events and conferences.

Vėliavų, roll up, tentų gamyba bei įvairūs lipdukai
  • Single, individual printing

For those looking for an exclusive, personalized gift and those who do not find it – we will help you find the most suitable solution and make it.

Vienetinė, individuali spauda
  • Production of stamps

Production of decorative and everyday prints for business use. Exlibris seals. Embossed stamps.

Antspaudų gamyba
  • Car design

We can design both your whole car and its part, or stick only information notes, contact details on the sides and back.

Automobilių apipavidalinimas
  • Metal casting and stamping, enamels, polymers, 3D, 2D badge production

We produce badges, key chains, decorative elements from metal and plastic. Enamelled, aged, according to standard and individual forms.

Metalo liejimas ir štampavimas, emalės, polimerai, 3D, 2D ženkliukų gamyba
  • Textile ribbons

Textile ribbons with a logo are the easiest and very aesthetic way to decorate and personalize the company’s souvenirs, gifts for various occasions. Can be made in different widths and colors.

Juostelių gamyba
  • Office design

We offer film gluing on windows, showcases, glass partitions. Also, transfer of the company logo on the glass using various technologies, film plotting, UV printing according to the project, implementation of customer ideas. We offer glass marking (protection against injuries), full matting of glass with light-transmitting film.

Ofisų apipavidalinimas
  • Design and production of signs, and coordination with the municipality

We design signs and stands, collect all the documents required for the approval of signs. We are re-aligning the sign with the municipality. We work all over Lithuania!

Iškabų projektavimas ir gamyba, bei derinimas su savivaldybe
  • Brand clothes

Extremely wide selection of textiles – we can produce everything with your company’s logo, emblems, initials, etc.

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